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Software development

We create and develop information and software systems for companies and institutions and can streamline and manage information systems created by third parties where necessary.



For development you can use both freeware platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!), kui tellija vajadustele optimeeritud MVC (Model-View-Controller) platform optimised to the client’s needs

Front-end and
back-end development

We create a visually appealing appearance for the systems we develop and provide them with the full functionality they require


Creation of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for the solutions we develop and the third-party business systems used by the client

Work process

Analysis and mapping of task

We analyse the client’s needs and draw up detailed analysis documents


Before initiating development work we create a visual/functional prototype with which the user experience (UX) of the software solution we devise can be tested


Stage-by-stage development of the software solution (design, HTML, programming)

Training and user support

Handing over of the completed software solution (training, launch and user support)

Drawing up documents

We draw up both technical documents and user manuals for different groups of users


We test the software both manually and automatically in various stages