• Tarkvaraarendus Teater

    Theater statistics website (Software development)

    Estonian Theatre Agency, Estonia
  • Tarkvaraarendus  Rahva raamat

    Wholesale environment (Software development)

    Rahva Raamat, Estonia
  • Tarkvaraarendus evia

    Business Incubation web-based information and reporting system (Software development)

    Enterprise Estonia, Estonia

Tarkvaraarendus / tarkvara tegemine / tarkvara programmeerimine / loomine / veebiarendus

Software Development

Software development is one of the main service areas of 1K-Digital. We offer the creation and development of internal information and software systems, also further development and administration of information systems created by third parties, if necessary. 

Basic work stages of software development are as follows:

  • Task analysis
  • Mapping work processes
  • Software creation/development
  • Software testing
  • Documentation
  • Implementation